Live Performance von Andrea Cusumano


May 18, 2024, 3.30pm — 9.30pm

nitsch museum, Mistelbach, AT

Live Performance, Andrea Cusumano and Marino Formenti @ nitsch museum Mistelbach

Andrea Cusumano will perform live on 18 May 2024 starting from 3.30 pm at the nitsch museum Mistelbach together with the pianist Marino Formenti.

“6 HOURS, 2 SCORES, 12 ROOMS” is the title of the durational performance conceived for the Nitsch Museum in Mistelbach by Andrea Cusumano and pianist Marino Formenti. Both are conntected in an artistic and personal friendship since the 1990s. They worked together on “Missa” at the Vienna Konzerthaus in 1997, “Le Ali della Farfalla” at MADRE Naples in 2005 and for the Letterature Festival in Rome in 2019, among others.

Now Cusumano and Formenti have written two independent scores, one for the theatrical performance and one for the music, which enter into dialogue with each other over time. “Oggi s’innalza tacito e cupo” by Andrea Cusumano and “Funerale della memoria” by Marino Formenti merge together to the durational performance “6 HOURS, 2 SCORES, 12 ROOMS”.

The starting point for the joint work is an object from the Cusumano family: a letter written by the German grandfather to his own son from the front line in the middle of the Second World War. The letter, written in Kurrent script under extreme conditions, was difficult to translate. The various attempts to decipher the letter initially resembled blank sheets of paper, which only gradually filled up. In the durational performance “6 HOURS, 2 SCORES, 12 ROOMS”, this part of the family history is dramaturgically and musically interwoven with the architecture of the nitsch museum.

Participation is free of charge.
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TIP: The exhibition “Raumdramaturgie” by Andrea Cusumano can only be seen at the nitsch museum in Mistelbach until 20 May 2024. The exhibition video offers a virtual insight.

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