Mission Statement

The Nitsch Foundation was founded in 2009 to support and promote the position of the artist Hermann Nitsch. Since the artist’s passing in April 2022 the Foundation administers his work and legacy: THE ORGIES MYSTERIES THEATER. All of the Foundation’s activities are undertaken in close cooperation with Rita Nitsch.

Among the key tasks serving this goal are raising awareness for the intellectual superstructure to his work, the publishing of books and editions, the organizing of exhibitions and lecture series, the performing of archival and documentation tasks, as well as the development of the catalogue raisonné. The ongoing and cooperative pursuit of these tasks is the principle guiding the activities of the Nitsch Foundation.

In terms of its own self-understanding, the Nitsch Foundation is an institution that, as a registered association, performs these tasks to realize the goals defined in the mission statement.

“i cannot accomplish alone what i plan to do. i have always gathered lots of help. i’ve been thrust onto a path in the direction of the total work of art, and i hope that the foundation will help me to develop this school of sensuous experience.”
– Hermann Nitsch on October 22, 2009.

©Nitsch Foundation | Photo: Roland Rudolph