Nitsch. A homage by Joseph Sakoilsky “From pain comes pain, then laughter”

From the exhibition series: “NITSCH. A homage by…”, the Nitsch Foundation and Ms. Rita Nitsch is pleased to announce “From pain comes pain, then laughter”, a solo exhibition of British Born Artist Joseph Sakoilsky at the Nitsch Foundation, Vienna from June 28th to July 26th 2024. The third exhibition in the series: ‘NITSCH. A homage […] continue

Presseinformation Pfingstfest 2024

FEAST OF PENTECOST 2024 Schloss Prinzendorf 19 May 2024, 1 – 9 pm organised by Rita Nitsch and Association for the Promotion of the Orgien Mysterien Theaters Two years after the death of Hermann Nitsch, Rita Nitsch, in collaboration with the Association for the Promotion of the Orgien Mysterien Theaters and the Nitsch Foundation, is […] continue

Nitsch Foundation presents: Walter Pichler

WALTER PICHLER Work Desk and Combined Flags 19.03.2024–03.05.2024 Opening: 16 March 2024, 11 am curators: Anna Tripamer und Gudrun Marecek The Nitsch Foundation and Rita Nitsch, in collaboration with the Tripamer-Pichler family and Galerie Krinzinger, are pleased to present a unique exhibition of works by Walter Pichler. The Austrian sculptor, draughtsman and architect Walter Pichler […] continue


ANDREA CUSUMANO. RAUMDRAMATURGIE RETROSPECTIVE 1993–2023 03.03.2024–20.05.2024 Opening: 2 March 2024, 6pm Curators: Giulia Ingarao und Fabio Cavalucci Two major solo exhibitions are planned for 2024 at the nitsch museum Mistelbach. The Italian-British artist Andrea Cusumano, a former assistant to Nitsch and long-time musical director of the Orgien Mysterien Theatre, whose work was strongly influenced by […] continue

NITSCH a homage by Ekrem Yalcindag „Natures“

NITSCH a homage by … With the series “NITSCH a homage by …”, the Nitsch Foundation, together with Rita Nitsch, started to present works by role models and companions as well as artists whose development was decisively influenced by Hermann Nitsch and his continuing Gesamtkunstwerk since spring 2023. Parallels and overlapping aspects in their works […] continue

Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris pays tribute to Hermann Nitsch

Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris pays tribute to Hermann Nitsch As part of the exhibition series “Contemporary Counterpoints”, the Musée de l’Orangerie is presenting the exhibition “Hermann Nitsch. Homage” until 12 February 2024. Under the usual strict security precautions, the exhibition “Hermann Nitsch. Hommage” was opened on Wednesday, October 11 2023. A select circle of […] continue

The Orgies Mysteries Theater, "the 6-day-play", 2nd version, day 3, 2023

THE NITSCH FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES A SPECIAL PERFORMANCE OF HERMANN NITSCH‘S ORGIES MYSTERIES THEATER: “Day of Dionysus,“ the 3rd day of Nitsch’s magnum opus, will take place at Schloss Prinzendorf on Pentecost Sunday (28 May 2023).   What: THE ORGIES MYSTERIES THEATER “the 6-day-play”, 2nd version, performance of the 3rd day “Day of Dionysus” When: Pentecost Sunday, […] continue

New York - Pace's first show with Hermann Nitsch

“Hermann Nitsch: Selected Paintings, Actions, Relics, and Musical Scores, 1965–2020”  featuring Pace Live Performance and Installation by Miles Greenberg   New York – Pace is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings, photographs, relics, and musical scores by Hermann Nitsch at its 510 West 25th Street gallery in New York. This will be Pace’s first […] continue

THE ORGIES MYSTERIES THEATER, "the 6-day-play", 2nd version, day 1 and 2, 2022

THE ORGIES MYSTERIES THEATER, 160th action “the 6-day-play”, 2nd version 30 – 31 July 2022, performance of the 1st and 2nd day Atelier Hermann Nitsch, Schloss Prinzendorf, AT   “the 6-day-play of the o. m. theater is a work in progress. everything i’ve ever done, my action painting, all my performance actions, my music, they […] continue

In memoriam Hermann Nitsch

29. August 1938 – 18. April 2022 Hermann Nitsch passed away in peace on April 18, 2022 after serious illness at the age of 83. Therefore, the artist could no longer personally experience one of his great successes – the exhibition of the 20th Painting Action, which opened during the 59th Venice Biennale on Easter […] continue

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