Data Privacy Statement

In our data privacy statement we provide information on what data is stored when you visit our website or register for our newsletter as well as how this data is used. Protecting your data is very important to us, and we process this information in accordance with the GDPR, the Telecommunications Act 2003 (TKG 2003), and the Data Protection Amendment Act 2018 (DSG 2018).

Information regarding data and the correction and deletion of data
You have a right to request information on your stored data as well as the right to its correction, deletion, and blocking. If you have any concerns or other questions concerning data privacy protection, please write to us at Nitsch Foundation, Hegelgasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Web hosting service
The Nitsch Foundation website is hosted by HOST EUROPE (Host Europe GmbH, Hansestr. 111, 51149 Cologne, Germany). The server logfiles gather access data pertaining to the Nitsch Foundation website including visitor IP addresses, time of access, information regarding the browser used, name of the accessed files, and the website which directed you to our site. Visitor IP addresses are saved anonymously, meaning it is impossible to draw any conclusions relating to the visitor.
HOST EUROPE’s data privacy statement can be found here:

If you have registered to receive our newsletter, we use your email address to send you the newsletter provided you have expressly agreed to receive the newsletter by providing your email address. A double opt-in process is used in which you receive a confirmation email that is used to confirm your registration.

. After that your email address will be deleted.

The newsletter is distributed by MailChimp email marketing service, a marketing platform of US company Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.
The MailChimp data privacy statement can be viewed at

The Rocket Science Group LLC (“MailChimp”) is certified by the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, meaning it is obligated to adhere to EU data protection requirements. We have also signed a “data processing agreement” with MailChimp. According to this agreement, MailChimp is obligated to protect our users’ data, to process this data on our behalf in accordance with data protection requirements, and, most importantly, may not provide this information to third parties.

The email addresses of our newsletter recipients are stored on MailChimp’s servers in the USA. This information is used by MailChimp to send and evaluate the newsletter on our behalf. For statistical purposes, MailChimp determines whether the newsletter is opened, when it is opened, and which links are clicked. These analyses serve to help us improve our newsletter service and are not personally identifiable.

Google Maps
This website uses Google Maps to display a map of the area. Google Maps is operated by Google Inc. (“Google”). By using this website, you agree your data, both data that is automatically collected as well as data entered by you, is collected, processed, and used by Google, one of its representatives, or by third parties.
The terms of service for Google Maps can be viewed at

Google Privacy Center and Privacy Checkup
Details regarding Google’s data privacy statement can be viewed at

Google’s Privacy Checkup at allows you to examine and change your data privacy settings for Google products.

This website uses external fonts (“web fonts”) provided by Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., Monotype GmbH, Horexstr. 30, D-61352 Bad Homburg. These web fonts are made available via a Monotype server in the USA. Your IP address is transmitted to the Monotype server as well as information regarding which internet pages you have visited.
Additional information regarding Monotype’s data protection guidelines is available at

As an alternative to the browser plugin or when using browsers on mobile devices, click on the following link in order to set an opt-out cookie that will prevent the collection of data by Google Analytics within this website in the future (This opt-out cookie only functions in this browser and for this domain. Should you delete your cookies, you must once again click on this link.):