Monographic Museums and Prinzendorf

nitsch museum
Mistelbach, Austria

The nitsch museum in Mistelbach was designed by the architects Johannes Kraus and Michael Lawugger (archipel architektur + kommunikation) in consultation with Hermann Nitsch and opened in May 2007.

Besides presenting the work of Nitsch, the museum researches and documents all the works created by the artist. Emphasis is placed on showing interdisciplinary overlaps and influences which have emanated from the very complex conception of the total work of art, the Orgien Mysterien Theater. Involved in this undertaking are experts from the humanities and cognitive sciences, theology, mythology, psychology, philosophy, cultural and art studies, as well as theatre, performance, actionism, painting, photography, film, music and literature, who in lectures, symposia and publication series reflect on Nitsch’s work in its entirety. Particularly music, essential to the Orgien Mysterien Theater, is being fostered and further developed in cooperation with local music schools and brass bands. To visualize the artistic diversity, both whole work blocks as well as works associated chronologically and thematically are shown in regular turns.

nitsch museum
Waldstraße 44-46
2130 Mistelbach


Museo Archivio Laboratorio Per Le Arti Contemporanee Hermann Nitsch (Museo Hermann Nitsch)
Naples, Italy

The Museo Nitsch in Naples was founded in 2008 by Hermann Nitsch’s long-standing friend and collector Giuseppe Morra. It is located in a converted former power station that dates from the
nineteenth century and is located in the center of Naples. It defines itself as a museum to transmit cultural stimuli that were born in performances and the performing arts and then matured in the body of thought of a more profound engagement with culture. The Museo Nitsch is not just a place where works by Hermann Nitsch are collected and exhibited but is also intended to be an active cultural player that sheds critical and theoretical light on one of Austria’s most important artists. Ever since the museum was founded, Giuseppe Morra has been ensuring that a group of scholars illuminate and document Nitsch’s work from a variety of perspectives and using a diversity of approaches.

Museo Hermann Nitsch
Vico Lungo Pontecorvo, 29/d
80135 Napoli


Atelier Hermann Nitsch [Studio of Hermann Nitsch]
Prinzendorf, Austria

1971, the castle in Prinzendorf an der Zaya, Lower Austria, was purchased from the church’s property, where Nitsch realised his idea of the Orgien Mysterien Theater, e.g. the 6-day-play, the longstanding aim Nitsch continuously worked towards, took place in 1998 for the first time. Hermann Nitsch lived and worked at the castle in Prinzendorf an der Zaya until his passing in 2022.

“the grounds of prinzendorf castle, the ideal venue for the o.m. theatre, set the scene. the rituals of experience making up the action theatre take place everywhere. in the castle building, in the stables, in the cellars, in the underground passageways, in the castle courtyard, in the orchard, in the castle park enclosed by a wall and outside it, in the surrounds. after the catastrophe of the drama, of the night, of the excess of death, the fundamental experience of excess, the play’s participants are released into the bright consciousness of being-there.” – Hermann Nitsch on Prinzendorf, 1999

Atelier Hermann Nitsch
Schlosstraße 1
2185 Prinzendorf


Association supporting the O.M. Theatre
Prinzendorf, Austria

The task of the association is to support the O.M. Theater project fundamentally in a non-material way and to facilitate – above all financially through membership subscriptions – the staging of the O.M. Theater. The Verein zur Förderung des O. M. Theater was founded in 1973 in Germany; the founding ceremony was held the same year as part of the first Pentecost Festival at Prinzendorf castle.

The projects realized in Prinzendorf include the Pentecost Festivals held almost annually for the last 40 years in the artist’s atelier, the 24-hour action of 1975, the 80th action that lasted 3 days and nights, as well as the 100th action, the 6 days and nights staging of 1998 that Nitsch always strove to perform. The association also supports exhibitions, actions and lectures across the globe.

The subscription fee for membership is € 70.
Further information and the application form are available at:

Association supporting the O.M. Theatre
Schlossstraße 1
2185 Prinzendorf