Andrea Cusumano, Ostrakon,

Andrea Cusumano, Gruppe Ostrakon, 2021

Andrea Cusumano

Andrea Cusumano, student and assistant of Hermann Nitsch, musical director of the Orgien Mysterien Theatre since 1998, has been conducting artistic experimental research with a focus on the dramaturgy of space for over 30 years. The result is a personal and unique work that allows a contemporary reading of the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk in a post-humanist key. “Hermann Nitsch died on Easter Monday, 18 April 2022. He was my mentor and inspiration for 30 years of my life. Since then, very day is a day of resurrection, immersed in the joy of being. This exhibition is dedicated to Nitsch. My entire philosophy and work is a constant dialogue with his work and thinking.” Andrea Cusumano


Andrea Cusumano (Palermo, 1973) is an Italian-British artist, performer and theatre director. His work is characterised by the use of different media and stimulating disciplinary overlaps that complement each other – a complex and coherent artwork in the tradition of the Gesamtkunstwerk. His themes range from death to transcendence and the achievement of catharsis through art.

performances (selection)

2023Khwam Wang?, Rungsil Pottery Factory, Ratchaburi, Thailand
Tragödia-Atto IV, Teatro Garibaldi, Palermo
2022Fantarcheologia (Installation), Palazzo Branciforte, Palermo
2021Tragödia-La Regina, Villa Nitti, Maratea
2017Embodied Language (in collaborazione con / in collaboration with Mithu Sen), India International Centre, New Delhi
2014Tragödia-Il Principe, Tetaro Garibaldi-UTE, Palermo
Terre… Forme… Terre, IncontriFes Festival-Fondazione Ducci, Fondacion Esprit de Fes, Fes
Petit Ceval Blanc, International Theatre Festival of Kerala, Thissur
2010The Bitter Belief of Cotrone the Magician – Koothambalam ITFoK, Thrissur
Oedipage, Istropolitana Festival, Bratislava
Cotronica, Shunt Vaults, London

solo exhibitions and group shows (selection)

2023Khwam Wang?, Matdot Art Centre, Bangkok
2022Retablo, Pinacoteca Villa Zito, Palermo
2020Was leid tut, Sala terrena Stift Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg
2013Andrea Cusumano. Opere Pittoriche 1993-2013, Spazi Espositivi Galleria Mediterranea, Palermo
2000Galerie Hohenlohne & Kalb, Vienna