Tasks and Goals


Through cooperation with collections, museums and institutions as well as the assistance provided by the advisory board of the Nitsch Foundation, synergies are created on the basis of high quality national and international contacts and collaboration.

Only by pursuing this form of cooperation is it possible to meet the requirements demanded by a contemporary and sustainable international positioning of the artist.


Besides publishing works and undertaking the scholarly research and documentation of the synthesis of the arts that is Hermann Nitsch’s work, the Nitsch Foundation is also significantly contributing to developing the visual archive and catalog raisonné of the artist.


One major objective is to present both the work itself and the theoretical foundations of the O.M. Theater as well as facilitate and promote the relevant discourse in the form of exhibitions, readings, lectures and academic events.

In addition, the Nitsch Foundation’s multimedia library contains publications as well as film and audio material on Hermann Nitsch and his O.M. Theater which are accessible for study purposes.


As part of the exhibition program, installations, actions and the various disciplines informing the O.M. Theater are also shown.


The Nitsch Foundation represents the work of the artist Hermann Nitsch exclusively worldwide. Through partnerships with galleries the distribution and exhibition operations are optimally structured and positioned cooperatively. Pace and Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer are official partners of the Nitsch Foundation and support the work of Hermann Nitsch.