The Universe of Hermann Nitsch

Presentation of the ORF documentary

August 9, 2018, 6pm

nitsch museum, Mistelbach, AT

In the documentary of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation [ORF] on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Hermann Nitsch, director Maria Seifert accompanies the artist through the different aspects of his universe: the Orgies Mysteries Theatre.The focus is on the Prinzendorf castle, which Hermann Nitsch calls “his Bayreuth”, in which he realizes his own theater, his actions and not least the Orgies Mysteries Theatre (O.M.Theatre) following the concept of creating a total artwork. Discussions about his philosophical concept of being, his approach to integrate Christian, and above all, Catholic rituals and symbols into his work, to repeat them, as he says, and to imitate in any way blasphemous and his art-historical conception, give one deep insight into the thinking and work of the artist.

In addition, the film team accompanies Hermann Nitsch to his second home in Italy – to Asolo, where he still spends a lot of time: here, at his second home, he mainly creates graphics and composes the music for his actions. “Italy has always been good to me” – says Nitsch, referring to his followers in Naples – the art collector Peppe Morra, who has been such a big Nitsch supporter for decades that he had him build a museum. Interviews with Rita Nitsch, wife of the artist, with adopted son Leonhard Kopp, with the photographer Heinz Cibulka, the artistic director of the nitsch museum in Mistelbach Michael Karrer and his biographer Danielle Spera will give an insight of the artistic life of Hermann Nitsch.

The presentation of the documentary on August 9, 2018 will take place in cooperation with ORF, Clever Contents Filmproduktion and the nitsch museum.
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The artist will be present as well as the cultural director of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation [ORF] Martin Traxl .

Television premiere on 27th August 2018 | “Kultur Montag”, 23:15, ORF2Production: Clever Contents Filmproduktion
Director: Maria Seifert
Editor: Sharon Well, Siegfried Setinlechner
Cut: Stefan Fauland
Camera: Oliver Indra, Gustl Gschwantner, Marco Zimprich
Duration: 30 min

nitsch museum
Waldstraße 44-46
2130 Mistelbach