Bayreuth Festival "Die Walküre"

Opera | 3rd performance

August 19, 2021, 4pm

Bayreuth Festival, Bayreuth, DE

Hermann Nitsch | action painting (detail) | 2021

The performances of the “Valkyrie” (Die Walküre) will be framed by various artistic directions that mirror, comment on, continue or make all parts of the “Ring des Nibelungen” experienceable in a new way.

Hermann Nitsch follows the honorable invitation by the Bayreuth Festival and will stage the “Valkyrie” with a painting action under the musical direction of Pietari Inkinen.

“because of the corona crisis, bayreuth performs the “valkyrie” concertante. the singers will stand at the edge of the stage like at an oratorio. as an action artist, i have been invited to stage an actionistic event during the musical course of all three acts of the “valkyrie”. i would like to realize a painting action. the used poured and smeared colors of the entire rainbow spectrum will concur with the colorfulness of wagner’s music in a positive sense. the painting actions are preliminary stages of my own orgies mysteries theater, which i have developed in prinzendorf. i am especially looking forward to the continuous flow of luminous paint from top to bottom during these three acts. the painting processes will be music. sounds will become colors.”
– Hermann Nitsch, March 2021


The online ticket sale takes place on the 4th of July 2021.
Tickets can be purchased at 14:00 (CEST).
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