Walter Pichler

Arbeitstisch und Kombinierte Flaggen

March 16, 2024, 11am

Nitsch Foundation, Vienna, AT

We are honored to host a unique exhibition with works by Walter Pichler in cooperation with Galerie Krinzinger!

Models, sculptures and architecture were all developed by Walter Pichler through drawings. At the Nitsch Foundation, the artist’s work table will be presented for the first time, where he has put his ideas and visions on paper. In addition to original drawings and sketchbooks, the installation work “Kombinierte Flaggen” (Combined Flags) will be shown, which transfers the symbolism of public space in the intimate area of the studio.

Curated by Anna Tripamer and Gudrun Marecek
Foto: Walter Pichler in his studio in St. Martin an der Raab, © Elfi Tripamer 2007

Exhibition opening on Saturday 16 March, 2024 at 11 am.
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Nitsch Foundation
Hegelgasse 5
1010 Vienna

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