Walter Pichler

Arbeitstisch und Kombinierte Flaggen

The Austrian sculptor, draughtsman and architect Walter Pichler always claimed a consistent interpenetration of life, art, sculpture and architecture. He always understood art as the elementary essence of life. The intrinsic tension between sculpture and architecture is characteristic of his entire oeuvre.

“I hope that the connection between what I have done will become visible in the compilation of photos, drawings and plans.” (Walter Pichler, June 1983 from WALTER PICHLER Skulpturen, Gebäude, Projekte, 1983)

A year ago, the Nitsch Foundation set itself the goal of presenting works by role models, companions and friends of Hermann Nitsch. Similar in age, with some overlaps in their biographies, Hermann Nitsch and his friend Walter Pichler chose very different paths in their artistic expression. Since their participation in the group exhibition “Rennweg” curated by Rudi Fuchs in 1985, they had intended to exhibit together again. Posthumously, we will proudly make this possible.

The exhibition at the Nitsch Foundation titled “Walter Pichler. Work Desk and Combined Flags”, is presenting Pichler’s work table, on which the artist put his ideas and visions on paper, for the first time.

“I could hardly think without drawing.” (Walter Pichler, It’s the head after all, 2007)

In addition to original drawings and sketchbooks, the installative work “Combined Flags” will be shown, which transfers the symbolism of public space into the intimate area of the studio. With this exhibition, we would like to pay tribute to Walter Pichler and his work. It is an homage to one of the greatest Austrian artists of the post-war period.

The exhibition “Walter Pichler. Work Desk and Combined Flags” will be opened on Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 11 a.m. in presence of the Familie Tripamer-Pichler at the Nitsch Foundation, Hegelgasse 5, 1010 Vienna.

March 16 — May 3, 2024

Nitsch Foundation
Hegelgasse 5
1010 Vienna

Tuesday to Friday 10am — 6pm