Finissage & wine release

April 13, 2023, 5.03pm

Nitsch Foundation, Vienna, AT

Nitschweinöffnung 22

“the gifts of the grail become bread and wine, flesh and blood, the substance of being.” – Hermann Nitsch

Join us for the opening of the Nitsch Doppler 22 and the finissage of the exhibition “NITSCH a homage by …” presenting the artist PAUL RENNER with the exhibition “seeing, smelling & squeezing”.

The vineyard of the late artist Hermann Nitsch is situated in a south-eastern location near Prinzendorf/Zaya in the Weinviertel. The soil is a typical loam-loess mixture of this region with ideal water and temperature storage. The grapes harvested are a mixed set of Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Müller Thurgau and varieties that have become rare today such as the Grauer Portugieser. Michael Martin, Weingut Martinshof, is responsible for the wine processing and care of the vineyard since 2006.

The exhibition “NITSCH a homage by PAUL RENNER” is on view at the Nitsch Foundation until until this evening.  Specially for this exhibition, Renner is showing his newest cycle “looking, smelling & squeezing”. The act and resultant form of compressing has preoccupied Renner from the outset – pressed must, mashed cabbage, slabs of bacon squashed between stone slabs, berries boiled into mush, centrifuged honey, squashed fruits squidging out between fingers and toes, meat pounded, smoked, pressed. more about the exhibition and Paul Renner


Nitsch Foundation
Hegelgasse 5
1010 Vienna