Hermann Nitsch (* 29. August 1938 in Vienna; † 18. April 2022 in Mistelbach)

He was a decisive founder of Viennese Actionism and one of the most versatile contemporary artists: actionist, painter, graphic artist, composer (symphonies, organ concertos), stage designer. His Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) the Orgies Mysteries Theater encompasses the broad spectrum of his art by requiring the use of all five senses – the tragic leads to an examination of flesh, blood and viscera, and should ultimately lead to an affirmation of life, transcending life and death. Being is to be embraced in its entirety – “everything that ever was and ever will be is to be.”

The artist lived and worked at his castle in Prinzendorf an der Zaya, Lower Austria as well as in Asolo, Italy. His works are exhibited in two monographic museums in Mistelbach and Naples, as well as in the Nitsch Foundation in Vienna and in the most renowned international museums and galleries.

Hermann Nitsch passed away in peace on April 18, 2022 after serious illness at the age of 83.


A detailed biography, as well as a list of all actions, painting actions, concert performances and much more, can be found at www.nitsch.org

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arlberg1800 | 2017 ©Philipp Schuster

40th painting action | 20er Haus, Wien | 1997

Danubiana Museum | 2014 ©Richard Köhler

135th action | Havana Biennial | 2012 | ©Fondazione Morra

1st action | 1962 ©Hermann Nitsch

Danubiana Museum | 2014 ©Richard Köhler

56th painting action | nitsch museum, Mistelbach | 2009 ©Daniel Feyerl

12. action, Vienna | 1965 ©Hermann Nitsch

Nitsch Foundation | 2009 ©Roland Rudolph

Hermann Nitsch ©Ferry Nielsen