Danube Dialogues Contemporary Art Festival

“On (self)Destruction and Against It”

August 26, 2024

Bel Art Gallery, Novi Sad, RS

“On (self)Destruction and Against It” is the title of this year’s Danube Dialogues Festival of Contemporary Art. A relic painting from the 160th action of the Orgies Mysteries Theater was chosen by the curatorial team in dialogue with a piece by serbian artist Szombathy Balint.

Festival of Contemporary Art “Danube Dialogues” is an international multimedia mosaic festival of visual arts of the Danube region, taking place simultaneously in various galleries and alternative places in Novi Sad. Artists, art historians and critics from 14 countries of the Danube macro region participate in this festival, offering an extremely interesting insight into the current art trends of this European Region.

Within this year’s edition of the Festival, Sava Stepanov, curator and artistic director of the Festival, expressed a wish to present work of  Hermann Nitsch. Mr Stepanov curated this 11th edition of the festival with the focus on a homocentric view when looking at the current world. The politics of today deserve a critical attitude – not to criticise the guilty, but to raise awareness and hearten the vulnerable.
Sava Stepanov unfortunatley passed away on June 10th 2024, his wish to present work of Mr. Hermann Nitsch will be fulfilled posthumousely.

All exhibitions of the Danube Dialogues Festival of Contemporary Art will be open between 26 August and 9 September 2024.

Bel Art Gallery
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 17
21000 Novi Sad
Republic of Serbia