Whether in music or painting, in both cases Nitsch speaks of colours and tones, of harmonies and dissonances. During his time teaching in Frankfurt, Hermann Nitsch developed with his students a series of “colour and form experiments”. The “colour scales” demonstrated harmonious relationships and constellations, which are also an essential component in the Orgies Mysteries Theatre. They not only exist within the one medium, but in the spirit of synaesthesia they are to be correlated to sounds, to valences of taste and smell. In fact, it is only through the synaesthesia of the sensory impressions that the total work of art can even be experienced.

The Nitsch Foundation explores with another exhibition the ideas of synaesthesia in the Orgies Mysteries Theatre and traces the meaning and significance of the interplay between the various sensory impressions in Hermann Nitsch’s work.

The focus of this exhibition is the video installation “Synaesthesia Room”, a collaborative work by Hermann Nitsch and Frank Gassner, which invites visitors to a sensual audio-visual experience.


September 8, 2022 — January 31, 2023

Nitsch Foundation
Hegelgasse 5
1010 Vienna

Tuesday to Friday 10am — 6pm
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