Un art autre et au-delà

Un art autre et au-delà (art of another kind and beyond) celebrates the great artistic kinship between the legendary art critic Michel Tapié and the Swiss gallerist Rodolphe Stadler and the years that followed. Their adventure together began with the opening of the Stadler gallery in Paris in 1955 and would last until 1970. The gallery was then an important hub for the promotion of Un art autre (art of another kind), a term coined by Michel Tapié. It defined a tendency in postwar painting that Tapié saw as a radical break with all notions of order and composition but supported the idea of a new aesthetic landscape rooted in dynamism, vitality and gestural freedom. When their collaboration ended, Rodolphe Stadler moved on to present performance and corporeal artists such as Hermann Nitsch.

Un art autre et au-delà features works by Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung, Georges Mathieu, Karel Appel, Antonio Saura, Antoni Tapiès, Jean Paul Riopelle, Sam Francis, Zao Wou-Ki, Toshimistu Imai, Kazuo Shiraga and Hermann Nitsch.

September 30 — October 23, 2021

Opera Gallery Geneva
Place de Langemalle 10-12
1204 Geneva

Monday to Saturday 10am — 7pm