NITSCH e il suo doppio

The master of Viennese Actionism follows an invitation by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome and the Atelier Montez. He will present himself to the Roman public with an exhibition of his drawings as well as with a live organ concert titled “Nitsch e il suo Doppio”. Both offer the opportunity to deal with the topicality of the work of Hermann Nitsch.

The events are curated by Giorgio Capogrossi (aka Gio Montez) and realized by Atelier Montez in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome and the Nitsch Foundation. The exhibition focuses on a series of informal drawings “Kritzelzeichnung” by Hermann Nitsch. These informal drawings, which acquire their own aesthetic value, are real scribbles in the morphological sense of a pre-formal intention to communicate the total artwork of the artist. Thus form the prelude to the discussion of the poetics and architecture of the Orgies Mystery Theater and, at the same time, the introduction to the Organ Concert, which the artist will perform live at the Atelier Montez.

This approach, from the drawings to the performance of “Nitsch e il suo Doppio”, is deliberately divided into two parts to make it easier for the Roman public to embrace the total artwork of Hermann Nitsch.

The planned organ concert had to be postponed, a replacement program with texts and films by and about Hermann Nitsch is offered.

October 10 — 31, 2019

Atelier Montez
Via di Pietralata 147/A-B
00158 Rome