Hermann Nitsch

pittura, fotografia, disegni

Studio d’arte Cannaviello dedicates the first exhibition of the new year to one of the leading figures of Viennese Actionism, Hermann Nitsch, on the occasion of his eightieth birthday. The exhibition aims to highlight all aspects of the creative universe of Nitsch and for this reason will be presented paintings, photographic works and drawings. In addition, the exhibition also documents the artist’s production from a chronological point of view, starting from the 70s up to the most recent works.

The only living artist to have two museums dedicated to him, Nitsch fuses mythology, alchemy, rituality and psychoanalysis in Actions that always start with painting and which, as the artist says, aim to “go deep to pull out the repressed energies” to “free emotions”. However, the Actions continue and involve other aspects, including the performative aspect, documented through photographs. This exhibition seeks to respond to the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk dear to the artist, an idea of total art that involves all the senses of the viewer, and does so by offering an overview of every aspect of the artist’s production.

January 24 — April 16, 2019

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello
Piazzetta M. Bossi 4
20121 Milano

Tuesday to Saturday 11am — 7pm