Hermann Nitsch

Posters, books & films

The Kunstverein Familie Montez presents posters, books and action films from the past 60 years of Hermann Nitsch’s artistic work.

since the age of twenty, i have written the affirmation of life on my paper. i would say, from life itself, from life, from the power of life, from life, i have experienced the deep yes to life and have been chasing it ever since. I have done this in the respect that is possible to me, I have experienced much happiness and also much sorrow. those who affirm life also accept the tragic, accept the tragic, live with it and be and I know this drunken deep yes to life will determine me to my death.

– hermann nitsch, die wortdichtung II, 1996

June 27 — July 29, 2018

Kunstverein Familie Montez
Honsellbrücke am Hafenpark
60314 Frankfurt am Main