Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch’ credo was: “my work should be a school of life, perception and sensation and should be experienced with all five senses“.

In this spirit, the exhibition at Galerie Kandlhofer is dedicated to the presentation of diverse works from different creative phases, which invite the viewers to experience his art with all their senses by incorporating interactive methods. Highlights of the show are works from the painting action “Walküre” during the Bayreuth Festival in 2021, “Schüttbilder” from his latest cycle, graphic prints, as well as the video installation “Synästhesieraum”,  a collaborative work by Hermann Nitsch and Frank Gassner which encourages a sensory experience.

Opening Reception: Thursday, 9th June 2022. | 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Exhibition Dates: 10th June – 31st July 2022

June 10 — July 31, 2022

Galerie Kandlhofer
Brucknerstrasse 4
1040 Vienna

Tuesday to Saturday 11am — 4pm
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