NITSCH. A homage by Joseph Sakoilsky

From pain comes pain, then laughter

The Nitsch Foundation is pleased to present the exhibition “From pain comes pain, then laughter” by the Vienna-based British artist Joseph Sakoilsky as part of the “NITSCH. A homage by…” series.

Joseph Sakoilsky is an actionist painter and sculptor. His relationship with the work of Hermann Nitsch began in his childhood, when he met Nitsch at an exhibition in London. He has since closely followed Nitsch’s work and been influenced by it. Among other things, Sakoilsky has attended Prinzendorf castle several times, and taken part in several actions.

The exhibited pieces by Joseph Sakoilsky reveal a common element of physical and emotional pain. The artist deliberately engages within this topic, thus elevating pain from the superficial connotation of just suffering.

“Every human suffers, just some of us learn to laugh” – Joseph Sakoilsky

In his “Punch Paintings”, Sakoilsky uses the infantile coping mechanism of many young men – punching a wall – as inspiration for his painting. During the actionist act, the artist consciously reflects on suppressing anger in order to question the deeper meaning of his action. Each stroke is executed with purpose, without giving in to uncontrolled arbitrariness. Sakoilsky introduces a humorous nuance, as the beaten images are by no means accidentally reminiscent of bouquets of flowers and religious representations. The artist thus encourages the viewer to discover an absurd humor in which the artist engages in a futile struggle with the artwork.

In addition to Sakoilsky’s “Punch Paintings”, the exhibition also presents works from other phases of the artist’s career – such as wax installations or relics from the recently performed “Expulsion” and “Dinner” actions.

The opening of the exhibition “From pain comes pain, then laughter!” will take place in the presence of the artist on June 28 from 6 p.m. at the Nitsch Foundation, Hegelgasse 5, 1010 Vienna, where his works can then be viewed until July 26.

Get to know the artist:

June 28 — July 26, 2024

Nitsch Foundation
Hegelgasse 5
1010 Vienna

Tuesday to Friday 10am — 6pm
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