Cursed Images

curated by Ed Fornieles

John Bock | Doug Bressler | Chris Burden | VALIE EXPORT | Ann Hirsch | Joey Holder | Rachel Maclean | Otto Muehl | Naked | Hermann Nitsch | Puppies Puppies | Rudolf Schwarzkogler | Omsk Social Club | Tommy Turner | Anna Uddenberg | David Wojnarowicz | Issy Wood | Katerina Zbortkova

Ed Fornieles on ‘Cursed Images’:
For the last few years I have chased, collected and spread cursed images, the curse is a demonic spirit that inhabits certain images and which passes to the viewer on contact, unsettling them, causing confusion, unease or dread.

September 11 — October 11, 2019

Galerie Kandlhofer
Brucknerstrasse 4
1040 Vienna

Tuesday to Friday 11am — 7pm
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