visitor information

“the celebration will be held, come rain or shine.

the actions are to take place in the castle courtyard and park, stables, granary and wine cellar, as well as in the surrounding area and the lane lined with wine cellars in eselsstadt. participants may take as long walks and hikes as they please.

tables and benches will be set up in the castle courtyard, park and orchard, wine cellar and press house, as well as in the lane lined with wine cellars in eselsstadt. simple cold food and wine will be available at these locations around the clock. music typical for austrian wine taverns will also be played there.

hot food will be available only in the courtyard.

the music for the whole play will be performed by several orchestras and music groups. a detailed score has been composed for each of the six days and nights.

the premises of the castle are to be opulently decorated with flowers of all colors.

on all days, samples of different smells and tastes, which have been arranged around the play’s motifs, will accompany the actions. incense burning can be carried out anywhere. since the spectators are to register the tastes and smells as events unfold, only a few of the play’s participants will actually fetch the samples. this will happen similarly to how it’s done during communion, when only a few of those participating in the service actually consume the consecrated bread, the body of god.

the hero of the play is the participant. the dramatic process corresponds to the process of individuation. the self-realization of the spectator. the mysticism of being and its profound affirmation, culminating in the most luminous awakening into dasein – life is recognized as a celebration.”

– Hermann Nitsch




On Saturday, 30 July 2022 at 5:00 the gate to the castle will open.
Admission of the game participants & official beginning of the action.


Day 1: 8am – 10pm
Day 2: 10am – 10pm

continuously updated information on the schedule can be found here: will follow shortly


In order to protect the actors and the work of Hermann Nitsch, taking pictures and videos is prohibited for participants in some areas of the site. Admission with professional photo and video equipment will not be permitted. Photos and videos from our documentation team will be shared with you on our social media channels.

Keep the good memories in your heart – not on a chip!


The guidelines of the province of Lower Austria for large events valid at the time of the event will apply. At the moment, no official requirements. Should anything change in this regard, it will be communicated promptly.