Panel Discussion

"The mythical-cultic in the work of Asger Jorn and Hermann Nitsch"

September 7, 2024, 6pm

nitsch museum, Mistelbach, AT

A high-caliber panel will shed light on the two Gesamtkunstwerke from an artistic, theological, psychological and mythological perspective.

The greatest similarities between the two artists can be found in the mythical-cultic and the gestural-material aspects of their painting. Jorn is the artist of the north, of pre-cultural savagery. The “barbaric” culture of Northern Europe from the Bronze Age onwards, especially the Scandinavian countries, stands in contrast to the Western culture of classical antiquity in the Mediterranean region. Asger Jorn thematizes Nordic culture, the “vandalic”, in the form of archaic paintings, drawings and sculptures. Jorn’s artistic exploration of the Celtic in the northern European cultural sphere of prehistory forms a bridge to the neighboring MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach. Nitsch delves into the spiritual-Dionysian world of intoxication, ecstasy, eroticism, pain, annihilation and ultimately resurrection. (Florian Steininger)

cult refers to the overall concept of the effort of religious endeavors, which are often expressed through ritual. ritual is a particularly intensive effort to experience the senses. form is used to intensify perception. we find ritual first and foremost in cult, in religious practice. but also in art. theology has made the deepest use of depth psychology, psychology and mysticism for the practice of religion in the vegetative development of the claim to faith. the ritual tears the experience out of its unconsciousness, out of its semi-consciousness into the light of consciousness. the litany-like causes a fascination, impresses, inspires, “narcotizes”, leads into the mystery, into the comprehension of the mystery, into enlightenment. (Hermann Nitsch)

A high-caliber panel with
* Lucas Haberkorn (chief curator at Museum Jorn, curator of “Hermann Nitsch” in Silkeborg)
* Florian Steininger (artist director at Kunsthalle Krems and curator of “Jorn-Nitsch”),
* Rita Nitsch (psychologist and Hermann Nitsch’s wife)
* Friedhelm Mennekes (theologian and art expert)
* Elisabeth von Samsonow (artist and art expert)
moderated by Judith Weissenböck.

The panel discussion will be held in german language.

Registration kindly requested:

nitsch museum
Waldstraße 44-46
2130 Mistelbach

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