In memory of Hermann Nitsch

free admission at the nitsch museum

August 29, 2024

nitsch museum, Mistelbach, AT

Even though Hermann Nitsch’s real voice has been silenced forever, he still has a lot to tell us. Take the opportunity to see his work with free admission in dialogue with Asger Jorn at the nitsch museum on 29 August!

To commemorate Hermann Nitsch’s birthday on 29 August, the nitsch museum invites you to visit the current exhibition “Jorn – Nitsch” with free admission!

The greatest similarities between the two artists can be found in the mythical-cultic and the gestural-material aspects of their painting. Asger Jorn thematises Nordic culture, the “vandalic” in the form of archaic paintings, drawings and sculptures. Nitsch delves into the spiritual-Dionysian world of intoxication, ecstasy, eroticism, pain, annihilation and ultimately resurrection.

After visiting the exhibition, you will probably agree with Christian Koortegard Madsen (Director of Museum Jorn), who said at the opening of “Jorn – Nitsch” that he had discovered a new side to Asger Jorn’s work through this exhibition. As the same will happen to you with the work of Hermann Nitsch!

The nitsch museum is open for you from 10:00 to 17:00.

nitsch museum
Waldstraße 44-46
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