Jarosław Bauć, Koji Kamoji, Hermann Nitsch, Jacek Sempoliński

When we go beyond the culture of a particular object, we become observers, seekers, researchers for ourselves. Our thinking becomes art and stands beyond the boundary parameters of culture.

A coincidental – though not accidental – encounter of the works of four artists, Jarosław Bauć, Jacek Sempoliński, Hermann Nitsch and Koji Kamoji in a place that should flow but also remains in situ. A meeting of artists who are not influenced by any doctrine, the atmosphere of mass culture. There are only their works, things that have stopped, carried by their time, their time.

Each of the artists participating in the exhibition seems to manifest themselves in their artistic behavior. For them art is a borderline experience.

Curator: Andrzej Zagrobelny

September 18 — November 14, 2020

ul. Piwna 27/29
80-831 Gdańsk