Hermann Nitsch

New Works

The exhibition “Hermann Nitsch – New Works” presents works from the artist’s current creative period. Since 1960, Hermann Nitsch, for each of his now over 80 painting actions, has defined a specific colour selection which has gradually expanded over the decades. A large part of the current works impresses with a completely new colour composition. Nitsch found inspiration for this in the delicate colours of gladolus and other spring flowers.

“it gives me great joy to concentrate on the flower-coloured luminosity of the smeared colour substance in my work, which i am still able to produce at the age of eighty. more than ever, resurrection is a principle for me” – Hermann Nitsch, 2019

In this exhibition, the artist surprises with an opulent colour palette of pastel shades, in which intense colour clusters with a relief-like feel meet with a transcendental lightness. An unmistakable resurrection cycle has emerged in the late work of Hermann Nitsch.  Together with works from other disciplines and painting cycles, the nitsch museum shows a complete installation of new works by the universal artist.

The presentation in the chapel of the museum area is dedicated to the music of Hermann Nitsch. In cooperation with the Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, symphonies by the artist are visualised with the help of a spectrogram. The individual tones and their frequencies are displayed graphically in the form of lines. The vertical axis shows the time response of the tones, the horizontal axis shows the corresponding frequency response.

July 1, 2020 — September 12, 2021

nitsch museum
Waldstraße 44-46
2130 Mistelbach