HochSommer Festival

Hermann Nitsch at the Kugelmühle in Styria


From 2 August 2024, the HochSommer Festival in Styria, in cooperation with Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer and Andreas Stern, will be showing works from the “Bayreuth Walküre” cycle by Hermann Nitsch at the Kugelmühle in Feldbach!

HochSommer is a cross-border, contemporary art festival in south-eastern Austria with a view across the border. Exhibitions, performances and concerts will take place at 13 locations in south-eastern Styria, southern Burgenland and Gornja Radgona in Slovenia from 1 to 11 August. Free spaces for artistic interventions and echo spaces for socially relevant topics will be created. All exhibitions are open from 1-11 August, Thursday to Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm.

‘because of the corona crisis, bayreuth is performing the walküre in concert. the singers are standing at the edge of the stage like in an oratorio. as an action artist, i have been invited to organise an actionistic event on stage during the musical performance of all three acts of the walküre. i would like to realise a painting action. the poured and smeared colours of the entire rainbow spectrum will try to compete with the colourfulness of wagner’s music in a positive sense. the painting actions are preliminary stages of my own orgien mysterien theatre, which i developed in prinzendorf. i am particularly pleased when bright colours run continuously from top to bottom during the three acts. the painting processes should be like music. sounds become colours.’ Hermann Nitsch, March 2021

“Bayreuth Walküre” by Hermann Nitsch opens on 2 August 2024 at 8 pm!