July 25 — 30, 2022

Atelier Hermann Nitsch, Prinzendorf, AT

Foto: Archiv Cibulka-Frey

24 years after the first realization of the 6-DAY-PLAY (1998), the total work of art in Prinzendorf is to be condensed again in 2022 into a concentrated interplay of all its components.

Hermann Nitsch’s idea for a six-day and six-night action work dates back to 1957. Influenced by the Gesamtkunstwerk efforts of Richard Wagner and Alexander Scriabin, Hermann Nitsch who at that time worked intensively with the medium of literature, conceived his synaesthetically oriented action theatre, exhilarating all five senses: The Orgies Mysteries Theatre.

The length is analogous to the history of creation and is understood as an extension of all monumental works of art. All actions of the O.M. Theatre performed since then, i.e. since the early sixties, must be understood as partial realizations of the Six-Day-Play.

The Orgien Mysterien Theater is an artistic endeavour. In addition to the visual idea of form, music plays an essential role. The basic concept of the play is based on a symphonic idea. The scene of the action is the castle in Prinzendorf with all its rooms and the surrounding landscape of the Lower Austrian Weinviertel.


Atelier Hermann Nitsch
Schlossstraße 1
2185 Prinzendorf