"String Quartet No. 2" by Hermann Nitsch

Concert | World premiere

May 29, 2019, 6.30pm — 8.30pm

Albertina, Vienna, AT

Fotos © Skye Kiss & © Andrej Grilc

The world premiere of “String Quartet No. 2” by Hermann Nitsch as part of the exhibition “NITSCH. Spaces of Colour” at the Albertina on Wednesday, 29 May 2019.

The premiere of the String Quartet No. 1 in 4 movements by Hermann Nitsch on 17 December 2015, at the event SATURNALIA II, as part of the Konzett-Konzept-Konzerte (a project series on the theme “Art, Music and Practice in between” of the Konzett Gallery) was a triumphant success for the master of the Orgien Mysterien Theater. This explosive power also distinguishes Nitsch’s 2nd string quartet.

Hermann Nitsch does not write down his music in musical notation, but divides the individual movements into time periods of 1 minute and precisely defines sound events, durations, dynamics and actions with words or signs. His instructions are e.g.: deep sound, whole tone cluster, D minor, F major or noise, in the 3rd movement of the 1st Quartet there were 4 Schuhplattler simultaneously; a very unusual but fascinating constellation. For Michael Mautner, the transcription of this work was very fascinating. You could play from his scores yourself, but when rehearsal time is tight you have to transcribe into musical notation.

Hermann Nitsch “String Quartet No. 2” in 6 movements for 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello, Transcription by Michael Mautner

Performed by the Koehne Quartet:
Joanna Lewis – 1st violin
Anne Harvey-Nagl – 2nd violin
Lena Fankhauser – Viola
Mara Achleitner – Violoncello

Admission with museum ticket | No registration required

Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Vienna

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