Pentecost feast

at the Studio of Hermann Nitsch

June 9, 2019, 1pm — 9pm

Atelier Hermann Nitsch, Prinzendorf, AT

On the occasion of the annual festival, visitors have the opportunity to enter the castle Prinzendorf where the Hermann Nitsch lives and works. Along with natural wine from Nitsch’s own vineyard a typical Austrian Heurigen meal will be served. Followed by a ceremonial procession across the fields with stops on the Kellergasse of Ebersdorf. Potato goulash, brass music and a fine atmosphere will complete the event at the Rannersdorf Mill.

The Pentecost feast of Hermann Nitsch is a celebration for all members of the Association supporting the O.M. Theatre, friends and interested parties of the O.M. Theatre.

Further information on the registration and the course of the event will follow.


Association supporting the O.M. Theatre

The task of the association is to support the O.M. Theatre Project in its principles and to make the plays of the Orgien Mysterien Theater possible by membership contributions. The association for the promotion of the O. M. Theatre was founded in 1973, in the same year the founding ceremony took place in the context of the first Pentecost feast in the castle Prinzendorf.

The subscription fee for membership is € 70.
Further information and the application form are available at:

Atelier Hermann Nitsch
Schlossstraße 1
2185 Prinzendorf