Klangraum Nitsch


January 25, 2020, 8pm

Akusmonautikum, Vienna, AT

Experience Hermann Nitsch’s 1st String Quartet and the Berlin Organ Concerto performed by Christian Tschinkel and Gilbert Handler as sound director in their 24-channel sound studio at the Alte Traktorfabrik in Vienna Floridsdorf.

After Hermann Nitsch discovered sound reproduction with the help of the Akusmonium (loudspeaker orchestra) in 2018, he has already been able to realize two concerts in 2019with it. One on the Whitsun weekend with a concert lasting 10 hours in total and on October 5th as a spatialization of his organ playing in the great hall of the nitsch museum, Mistelbach.

Now he is returning to the place of origin of his discovery: to the Akusmonautikum at the Alte Traktorfabrik in Floridsdorf, where on 25 January 2020 at 8 pm, under the sound direction of Christian Tschinkel and Gilbert Handler, Hermann Nitsch’s 1st String Quartet and his Organ Concerto 2016 from Berlin will be performed simultaneously and contrapuntally interwoven with each other in a special loudspeaker organization.

“because everything goes into each other and the one determines the other and no thinking towards the final has its justification, it should always be considered, the diversity of experience is decisive. (Hermann Nitsch)

Traktorfabrik | Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 12
1210 Vienna

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