DAS 6-DAY-PLAY | 2nd version

Performance of the 3rd day

May 28 — 29, 2023, 5am — 5am

Atelier Hermann Nitsch, Prinzendorf, AT

Rita Nitsch opens Schloss Prinzendorf on Whitsunday, 28 May 2023 for all participants of the 3rd day “Day of Dionysus” .

Day 1 and 2 of the 2nd version of the 6-day play were performed in July 2022. Rita Nitsch, supported by Andrea Cusumano, Leonhard Kopp, Frank Gassner and Josef Smutny, realised Hermann Nitsch’s last wish with more than 60 actors, two orchestras with over 100 musicians and realised the beginning of the 160th performance with two successful days of action.

The performance will continue with the 3rd day, dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine, joy, grapes, fertility and ecstasy, on pentecost sunday, 28 May 2023.



“the third day addresses the myth of the god dionysus, the archetype of dionysus and the phrase DIONYSUS AGAINST THE CRUCIFIED. the demythologized phenomenon of the dionysian is recognized as an issue related to the dynamics of life. dionysus is the god, the principle of ecstatic becoming but also the principle of destruction. shiva and vishnu all in one. dionysus is the god of the world’s ruin and rebirth, the resurrection of flesh. he is the crucified, torn and resurrected. the ruins and rebirths of worlds pulsate through his flesh. the never-ending, recurring big bang has its source in the vitality of his body. all suppressed unlived life should be turned outward. we want to invoke the abysses of the nature found in us, that determine us, by awakening in excess. intoxicating and uninhibited joy. participants are asked to drink. everywhere they drink profusely and ex-cessively. the music of the wine taverns is played at all locations. mass intoxication is obligatory, a general drunkenness on the part of the participants is prescribed. in the vineyards and cellars, participants drink immoderately all day and night.” – Hermann Nitsch, 1998

The fulfilment of life should be a celebration of life and the 6-day-play of the Orgies Mysteries Theater should be the greatest celebration of mankind! In addition to the visual idea of form and sensory perception the music plays an essential role. Four orchestras, two brass bands, a noise orchestra, a choir and a string quartet form the musical basis for the 3rd day of the action (160b).

The performance will once again take place in Schloss Prinzendorf with its surrounding landscape as well as the cellar alleys of the Lower Austrian Weinviertel.


Ticket sales for play participants will start at the end of February 2023.

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